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What is Contineo?


Focus on customer needs; Build connected applications in days without knowing nitty-gritties of parallel computing.

Application Enablement

Drag & drop UI/Process/Data Modeler helps transform ideas into working applications in a jiffy!


Reduce development cost by developing once & configuring for each tenant!

Edge Intelligence

Build centrally; execute locally! Single point of control for application deployment across the nodes of your IoT architecture.


Manage Versions & push releases from development to test to production environment

Machine Learning

"Before time" insights & predictive analytics through machine learning algorithms

Integration PaaS

Seamlessly integrate devices, external applications, databases, APIs


Provide real time monitoring & remote maintenance services to your customers; Achieve revenue growth through value added services.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitor devices remotely & provide timely maintenance services to your customers saving unnecessary maintenance visits!

Product as a Service (PaaS)

Customers will "pay per use" rather than investing upfront; Invent new business models!

Multi-protocol Support

Built-in support for various protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, MQTT, etc. Connect any device & start monitoring

Device Management

Provision, configure, monitor, control and maintain devices centrally for all the customers!


Innovate at speed! Leverage technology to create undreamed-of efficiencies & entirely new business models.

Smart Manufacturing

Take informed decisions through real-time visibility & transform your business into a connected enterprise with total supply chain orchestration & digitalization of products

Asset Performance

Track assets & inventories in real time as they pass through shop floor gates; Increase asset utilization; Reduce downtime through predictive maintenance

Customer Experience

Improve post-sales customer experience & engage better! Close the loop by enhancing products based on automated customer feedback

Simulated Factory

Optimize production line usage by scheduling different jobs more efficiently


Enable citizens & property owners with actionable insights to transform living with efficient, safe & connected spaces.

Connected Home

Connect homes to fire extinguisher, ambulance, police & other city services

Smart Transportation

Control traffic lights and build efficient public transportation system within the city!

Energy, Water & Waste Management

Monitor energy consumption, water usage or manage waste collection as part of smart city initiatives

Smart Buildings

Monitor & control elevators, chillers, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, lights, security access, video surveillance, energy & utilities!


Indicus Solutions

Smart City: LEV Car Sharing

Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) cars can be reserved online and rented from unmanned stations using NFC cards issued to members

Fleet Management

Monitor location of vehicles on the map along with driver behavior. Get actionable insights with vehicle utilization and driver wise violations such as sudden braking, sudden acceleration, sudden steering & speeding

Student Tracking

Track location of school buses & students with GPS & RFID.

Fuel Tank Locking

Avoid fuel pilferages with smart programmable locks with three levels of authentication, viz. geofence, time duration & OTP

Smart Home

Monitor & control smart home appliances & smart switches; Get emergency alerts

OEE & Energy Monitoring

Get real time visibility into shop floor overall equipment efficiency & electricity usage

Hardware Enthusiasts & Developer Community

What more can you do with ContineoNX!


Quickly see your ideas turn into prototypes & running applications with extremely short innovation cycles

Open Source

The platform leverages open source for queuing, distributed computing, UI visualization, machine learning, edge intelligence & much more

Open connectivity

Connect any devices, configure, watch structured or unstructured streaming data, parse & visualize

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ...

Distributed Deployment - Single IDE for all the nodes.. coming soon!


Indicus is proud to announce that ContineoNX has been awarded the prestigious 2017 TiE50 Top Startup Award. Winners were announced at the Organization’s Annual Entrepreneurial TiECon Conference on May 5th, 2017 in Santa Clara, California.

Tie Award

We are delighted and honored to be picked as a TiE50 2017 Top Start-up” said Shilpa Vyapari Founder and CEO, Indicus Software “The award is a great testament to the quality, Innovation and the talent of the entire Indicus team and the product vision the company has".

TiEcon 2017 focused on the hottest areas of innovation including IoT, Machine Learning, FinTech, Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, Software Defined Infrastructure, Drones, Digital Health, and many more. TiE50 judges reviewed over 2500 companies from several countries across the globe.

Tie Award

The pool of TiE50 Finalists were judged by a panel of highly accomplished serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, CEOs and well-rounded technology experts,to determine finalists and winners. Companies were evaluated on three parameters: business model,intellectual property value and the leadership team

About TiE50 Awards

TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley's premier annual awards program keenly contested by thousands of early-stage technology startups worldwide. Awards are announced at TiEcon, the world's largest conference for entrepreneurs. TiE is a global, not-for-profit network of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship. TiE provides a platform for mentoring, networking and education for technology entrepreneurs worldwide. TiE's global network of 61 chapters located in most major North American, Asian and European countries and cities with more than 11,500 members across 18 countries.

TiE50 track record since inception in May 2009 shows that 84% of the winners and Top Startups have been funded, attracting Billions in investments! Many of these companies have been acquired, merged or went public. TiE50 awards are announced each year at TiEcon, the world's largest conference for entrepreneurs. Participating technology Startups benefit from a vast ecosystem of venture capitalists, angels, and entrepreneurs. Other participant privileges include significant investor exposure, online virtual showcasing and technology and business partnering/networking.

For further details on the TiE50, visit

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